Autumn Ring

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  • Release date 2020-04-29
  • Version from 2020-05-03
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  • RVW-ID 1569
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    95/100 (4 votes)
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  • Track length 582 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
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    Gran Turismo is a racing game franchise known by many, with its sheer quality of quantity being its key selling point. Autumn Ring is one of the long-standing originals designs of the series, boasting a very intricate balance between having an exciting raceline, and having plenty of eyecandy to keep the player at awe.

    I wanted to recreate this track (and the Mini variant) since they're more complex than the other tracks I've done before.

    The track is mostly accurate, the elevation changes are as close to the original as possible, but some scenery changes had to be made to ensure it fit in the game, because of RV's camera and its POV, compared to the one in GT.

    But I am pleased with the end result, with the atmosphere and the look being instantly recognizable. I spent countless hours driving around this track in GT1 and GT2 to make the recreation as close to the original as possible, and fill the gaps wherever they were required. A lot of textures are printscreens from the original game as well.

    The latest RVGL patch is required for the track to function properly.

    This track may not be distributed anywhere else outside of Re-Volt Zone and Re-Volt I/O content packs. You are welcome however, to convert this track to another game, just make sure to give credit to Polyphony Digital and myself.

    Optional music package:

    Update 20.0503:
    -Revised camera nodes
    -Added corner-cutting measures at the corner leading into the pitlane
    -Minor geometry fixes
    -Added reverse challenge time
    -Revised reverse texture
    -Reworked the track's materials to allow persistent material sounds for the kerbs
    -Added custom collision, skid and menu sounds

2 comments on “Autumn Ring

  1. a very good track conversion, however, it would be nice to have a alternative reset node option since the one supplied is too strict with corner cutting.


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