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    The Frontend I made for my cancelled Re-Volt total conversion named MARVLE, now also for your RVGL installation. Slightly adjusted, so it also works outside the MARVLE context.

    • Music by Waterflame
    • 256px carboxes by Xarc


    I maybe come with an update later. This update could possibly include a proper trophy ceremony, adjustments to the font (some special letters are missing) and stuff like that.

    Any comments are appreciated. Not sure if people would use a frontend like this anyway...but it brings some variety at least, no?  😉


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2 thoughts on “MARVLE Frontend

  1. Some Good B/W Scened Golf Course with good soundtrack and good quality 👌 Good Job, And After You Nailed A golf course, I bet you the Skeld Frontend From Among Us!!! (Disclaimer: i don’t model, I only paint) 5 Stars!!!

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