Splat! – Public Alpha

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  • Release date 2024-06-15
  • Version from 2024-06-13
  • Version Alpha 0.1
  • RVW-ID 40623
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    72/100 (5 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Medium
  • Track length 478 m
  • Reverse version available? Following
  • Time trial times available? No
  • Practice mode star available? No
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    Hello Re-Volt World Community,

    since about 1 month I'm working on a new track. It's called "Splat!", and it's taking place at a public swimming pool. It‘s my first original track since School‘s Out!, but this time I want to invite all RVW users to be part of the development process.

    So here is a very early Alpha version of the track, which everyone can try out. Your comments with thoughts - suggestions - whatever - is highly appreciated and I may implement your ideas if they make sense to me. Contributors will be named in the final README.

    Please read carefully before downloading:

    • This is an unfinished "Work in progress" track and it's not meant for normal play.
    • Works best in Time Trial Mode, currently.
    • VERY basic AI nodes are implemented already, but they are not optimized yet. You may try your luck with Rookies for now, faster AI cars will  have a lot of issues finishing the race.
    • There are a lot of placeholder graphics (textures, models) in the tracks current state. Some of them are from Fairground 1 by G_J and I_Spy. I asked for permission to use them, however, most are planned to be changed/replaced later on.
    • Modelling about 80% finished
    • Shading unfinished
    • Worldcut / Visiboxes / Performance optimizations to follow
    • Custom materials to follow
    • Custom texture and model animations to follow
    • Custom SFX to follow
    • Custom music to follow
    • No README included

9 comments on “Splat! – Public Alpha

  1. Some insights https://imgur.com/a/S8V4PZf ___ https://imgur.com/gQP8odu Here I would make the track zone trigger on “top” of the >> sign, rather than on the column. Going right from the column is faster, but going left would be an option to grab a pickup that could be placed closer to the pool or to avoid an oilfested faster right path. ___ https://imgur.com/V7DNrEg I know textures are placeholders, but there should be a visual clue that you can’t go under the ladder, for example the first horizontal bar should be on the ground level. Or make going under the ladders possible, but that’s a lot of modeling. ___ https://imgur.com/NFSc10o Here, this bench should have some visual clue which of the “legs” is necessary to go around to the trigger proper track zones without making it confusing if someone is or isn’t cutting illegally or not. Maybe some additional vandal paint, moss, whatever. Also, for going both ways, the track zone has to be placed on the same “leg” of the bench, to make it uniform both ways. For me personally, I would put the trigger point on the “leg” furthest away, on the photo the leftmost one. The track is pretty packed already, this would make it effectively slightly longer and calmer on this grass part. ___ https://imgur.com/6PmRUQ7 I would think which vertical metal pole would trigger the track zone over here. Right now it’s possible to cut the corner a little bit, but forcing people to go around the leftmost pole would force people to land in the water at an angle, which would be a unique turn. ___ https://imgur.com/Dpp25l1 I would really think about putting the track zone here on the metal vertical bar 2st from the left, or even 1st from the left to force people to drive down before they drive forward. Now it’s easy to cut the ramp-down by slowing down and jumping down right in the proper direction immediately. It would make this part of the track much harder to make clear for players where should they go, as this for me was really the only confusing part of the track.

  2. I would add some floating objects that can be found in swimming pools and also add shelves with some of them. I don’t know if it’s a model animation you have already planned.

  3. A fine summer idea ! I like the orientation grooves in the grass areas.
    Seems that many ai cars don’t manage the ramp in pool and drive under it. And a wooden part would swim up ;-)
    The water in this pool is too low, normally it’s as high as the upper edge or a drainage channel.
    Perhaps the floor could be angled (like the other pools floor) up to the blue slide and then make a small ramp formed by tiles. Or the slide longer down to the pool’s ground.
    Generally in this children pool I would make some round parts as border and not so rectangled edgy.
    The upper handle bars at the metal stairs could be more smooth.

  4. I don’t agree with LivingWithGames in terms of scale. I don’t think the track is too narrow. I only drove it with RC Bandit, but with this car, everything was fluid. I can imagine that with pro cars, certain sections must be difficult and perhaps less interesting, or even irritating, but I don’t think a track has to be ‘compatible’ with all categories. Fully playable by all cars, yes; but calibrated for all classes, I think that’s a shame.
    Another thing: I think you should be able to pass between the ladders on the diving boards and not have a collision if you don’t touch the bars.

  5. This is clearly an interesting track, but it’s better to drive in amateur cars or even on on beginner cars, on fast class cars, you will clearly get confused! And often accidentally take the wrong turn! It was only in advanced cars that I finally figured out where to go! As it is, the track is quite complicated, and quite interesting! Pretty good kiwi job!

  6. It’s a great idea to invite all RVW users to be part of the development process.
    I hope you’ll continue and offer a beta version…
    As far as this first version is concerned:
    I don’t like the way you get out of the pool. I don’t understand what the wooden ramp is doing here. Why not extend the slide?
    As for the general atmosphere, I think this pool is very 80’s. It lacks everything that makes a modern aquatic pool.
    I don’t know if it’s deliberate. Which makes me think that a description from you of the final project would help us to understand things better.

  7. Agree with most of what LWG said before. I can’t tell if it’s intended or not, but for plenty of turns if you take the “wrong” side of the pole it’s over, starting from the first turn where I had to enable Pos nodes to see what I was doing wrong. An upscaling would benefit the track, ~25% sounds like a lot but to be honest I’ve got no clue how much it really is, guess I could do experiments with Blender later.
    I have an idea that changes the raceline but it’s hard to explain with only text: currently after you take the U-turn at the grass zone that leads to a jump, you go downstairs and go around the pool until you get inside, right? What if you instead going downstairs to take the left turn to the broken fence, go through the grass and enter to the pool, and when you exit the pool you make a 180 turn to the right and go downstairs around the pool straight to the finish line.
    I’d like to give you a hand but I don’t know where I could send you files, if you prefer via e-mail you have my mail on my profile.

  8. Nodes by the first pool area were initially very confusing, I was making the left turn correctly, but majority of them kept giving me X’s which confused me but soon I learned what to do, it’s actually nice. Doesn’t look too fun with faster classes though, as far first impressions go (I tested TT with Volken Turbo)

    Even unfinished, this track is better than most tracks we had in the past years and that’s saying something. Some more testing and polish might deem this track rather a good addition. Bit of feedback, maybe increasing the size of the track a bit to make all classes equally fun..if it’s possible, at best 20%, maybe 25/30% bigger. It can’t be too much for it to look funky or weird. Not bad.


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