Velter Ultron

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  • Release date 2020-03-04
  • Version from 2020-11-13
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  • Construction Original
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    An old project coming to life after spending nearly two years in limbo.

    Based off of the Vector W8, it has high top speed and good acceleration for the class, with its only downside being its quirky handling and recovery.

    Expect it to be a top contender in the right hands on less technical tracks.

    Update 20.0318
    -Top speed reduced from 45.4 mph to 44.6 mph
    -Now includes a paintkit

    Update 20.0331
    -Top speed reduced from 44.6 mph to 44.4 mph
    -Reduced rear wheel EngineRatios from 40500 to 39000
    -Wheel friction values increased by 0.1
    -Car has been scaled down, affected parameter values and the hull has also been scaled down accordingly

    Update 20.0520
    -Now matches the IO version with some further balance changes
    -Now includes a Stealth skin

    Update 20.1113
    -CPUSelectable set to True

    Skins for this car

    Wizard Air, by polarfox_cw
    Make GPU Price Normalcy Again, by polarfox_cw

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