Year 2021 Donation

Bonjour, Re-Volters!

It’s three weeks now since Re-Volt World went public. Thanks again to everyone who has uploaded content, writing reviews, giving ratings, or contributed in any other way.

Today we want to ask you for even a little bit more of a contribution:

We gladly work on Re-Volt World in our free time and we do this because we love Re-Volt. The costs for server-hosting and domain-name are around 200 Euro per year. To be able to keep the website up and running also in the future, we hope you can support us a little bit. If you would like to contribute, we would be happy to receive your donation! 🙂

If the goal for the 2021 donation will be exceeded, we will use the money to switch to a faster package next year.

You can donate via PayPal here – thanks a lot!

Jan Aínnír Mayen

In the name of the whole Re-Volt World team

By the way: During the donation process, you will be asked if you want to have a special “Donator” badge at your users profile. Doing so, will result in a badge like this in front of your name:

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