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Re-Volt World is online since a week now. We want to thank everyone who already uploaded their creations during the last week. But thanks also to all visitors. Especially to those who contacted us regarding bug-reports, or brought up new ideas.

In this first week we were already able to implement some new features. For all those who don’t follow the development progress in our Discord server, we want to give a short overview what happened in the last days.

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Download Counts

For each creation, the download count is now visible at the download detail page. Please beware, that for creations imported from the Re-Volt Zone, this download count is very low in the most cases, as the download count was NOT transferred to Re-Volt World. Also, this download count is maybe higher for creations, which got one or several updates (People downloaded this creation more often, most likley).


Embedded videos

It is now possible to add video links in your upload description. As an example, you can use this to embed YouTube videos to showcase your creation. Also embeds from other services like Vimeo and a lot more are working.


Custom Styles

It’s now possible to add some pre-made custom styles into your posts. You can use them, to highlight parts of your creations description.


New developer: Gotolei

Beside Javildesign, Saffron, Skarma, Vaid and J.A. Mayen, Gotolei is now also part of the Re-Volt World Team. Gotolei will contribute at the development-side, as well he will be one of the Main Administrators at the website. Welcome Gotolei.


Searching: PHP/AJAX developers

We also want to use this opportunity for a call: We’re searching another person with very good PHP/AJAX experience, who can help us with some front- and backend coding. If you are interested, or if you know someone who would be maybe interested in working with us, just contact either Javildesign or J.A.Mayen.


“Last Updated” section

The last updated downloads will now be listed below the Recently Uploaded section in Re-Volt World’s widget area on the right side. Please beware: At the moment, EVERY update will be listed there. Also, if for example only the downloads description text got changed. A “real update” list (with only updated attached files) will follow at a later point. But for now, the current solution hopefully also will help a little bit. 🙂


Wrap around text selection

Custom styles in editor now supports // wrap around text selection //


Rate Misc. Downloads

It’s now possible to rate Miscellaneous Category creations. The rating is only very basic due to the wide range of possible uploads in this category.


Carskins: Base-car link

Carskins now show a link to the car the skin is for. Important for carskin uploaders: Be sure to fill the Additional Carskin Info field properly. Keep also in mind: This feature only works if the base car is available at Re-Volt World. We work on a solution for cars from the ADP-pack (and cars from other car packages).


Discord-Bot: Comments

Comments made on the Re-Volt World website will now be posted automatically to our Discord’s #comments channel. Clicking on the comments title will beam you directly to the creation on Re-Volt World. Maybe you want to download the creation, or post your own opinion about it?


Thanks again for all your positive feedback so far. We do our best to bring a lot of more new features during the next weeks.

In the meanwhile, Keep Re-Volting! 🙂

Jan Aínnír Mayen

In the name of the whole Re-Volt World team

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