Theater Battle

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  • Release date 2023-01-27
  • Version from 2023-07-06
  • Version 23.0706a
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    Greetings, racers! Green J here once again, with something a little different...

    The abandoned Volken Theater is the first of my original Re-Volt battle arenas.

    Formerly a bustling entertainment center, this building will challenge your focus and skill as you dash around the props and seats in a fight to hold the star.


    02/26/2023 - Fixed the magic hat's NCP file. Cars would get stuck on the brim.

    07/06/2023 - Fixed part of the world NCP file. The backstage ramps now have more than one collision side.

    You need RVGL 21.0930a-1 or later for the arena to work properly.

    No "main/tournament" versioning this time - after all, it is a battle arena.

    Feel free to comment here if you have any ideas on how to enhance the arena.

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  1. 23.0226a update: Fixed the magic hat’s collision. Major credit to rodik for discovering that “magic” bug, I had to fix it like “magic”!


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