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eMail: webmaster[AT]
Re-Volt World is hosted in Berlin/Germany



Content Moderation:

Burner (Cars, Skins) – Discord: burner94#2394

Saffron (Cars, Skins) – Discord: Saffron#8266

Skarma (Cars, Skins) – Discord: Skarma#7777

Vaid (Tracks, Misc.) – Discord: VaidX47#4043

Vas0sky (Tracks, Misc.) – Discord: Vas0sky#9011

Administration & Development:

Kiwi Discord: Bernd#3539

GotoleiDiscord: Gotolei#0819

Additional Development:

J.A.Mayen, Javildesign, Ducsekbence, Killerwheels

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