Kudos & Level System

Every Re-Volt World user can collect Kudos to climb up a ladder of levels.

Newly registered users begin with Level 1. The highest rank to reach is Level 10.

Kudos will be represented by the symbol.

If you are a Re-Volt player, you can gain Kudos by rating or commenting on creations. If you are a creator, you get Kudos for uploading creations to Re-Volt World. You can collect a quite big amount of Kudos, if you attend one of the Re-Volt World events. Examples would be Summer-, Winter-, or Halloween-Events.

Existing users get Kudos backdated for every action they did in the past.

Which action is worth how many Kudos?
Upload a car8
Upload a track16
Upload a skin4
Upload a misc. creation4
Attend an event category25
Get on an events podium50
Win an event100
Join the voting at an event10
Rate a creation1
Comment a creation4
How many Kudos are needed to reach a certain Level?
Level 10 – 10
Level 211 – 100
Level 3101 – 300
Level 4301 – 600
Level 5601 – 1000
Level 61001 – 1500
Level 71501 – 2500
Level 82501 – 5000
Level 95001 – 10000
Level 1010001 or more
Where can I find my Kudos statistics?

The detailed statistics can be found in the user profiles “About” page.

Is there a list ranking all the users?

Yes! A list of all users sorted by Kudos is available here.