Kudos & Level System

Every Re-Volt World user can collect Kudos to climb up a ladder of levels.

Newly registered users begin with Level 1. The highest rank to reach is Level 10.

Kudos will be represented by the symbol.

You can collect Kudos by rating or commenting on creations. If you are a creator, you get Kudos for uploading creations to Re-Volt World. You can collect a quite big amount of Kudos, if you attend one of the Re-Volt World events. Examples would be Summer-, Winter-, or Halloween-Events.

Existing users get Kudos backdated for every action they did in the past.

Which action is worth how many Kudos?
Upload a Car3
Upload a Track   5
Upload a Skin   1
Upload a Misc. Creation2
Rate a creation   1
Comment on a creation   2
Attend an event category  25
Get on an events podium   50
Win an event100
How many Kudos are needed to reach a certain Level?
Level 10 – 10
Level 211 – 100
Level 3101 – 300
Level 4301 – 600
Level 5601 – 1000
Level 61001 – 1500
Level 71501 – 2500
Level 82501 – 5000
Level 95001 – 10000
Level 1010001 or more
Where can I find my Kudos statistics?

The detailed statistics can be found in the user profiles “About” page:

Is there a list ranking all the users?

Yes! A list of all users sorted by Kudos is available here.

If you have any questions regarding the system, don’t hesitate to contact us.