Visconti R

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  • Based on Alfa Romeo 155
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    TTDriver was working on this car almost a full year ago (some files date back to November 2021) and hit me up to do some livery work on it. I accepted, but I initially was a bit busy getting my own WIPs out of the way... Anyway, here it is, at long last. I also took the liberty to fix some alignment issues with the front and rear maps and give the car a bit of a redux on the front and rear fascias.

    Based on the Alfa Romeo 155, built from the DTM version converted by The Me and Me. I replaced the traditional Visconti family snake (now you get where the name comes from, winkwink nudgenudge) with intertwined Aztek snakes. Essentially Phinix's Italo-Mexican cousin :P

    If you played any of the Gran Turismo games (especially 2, and more recently 7), you should be familiar with the real car and its sheer dominance and ease of use. That being said, we decided against going for a Toyeca-styled parameter set, to spice it up just a little bit.

    Paintkit in .PSD format is included, as usual. No fancy PS-specific features, it should be openable in most graphics programs with no loss of fidelity (tested on GIMP).


    UPDATE Aug 7, 2022: TTDriver provided a custom bumper cam angle, car is otherwise unmodified.

5 comments on “Visconti R

  1. The model and texturing are impressive, but the car’s shortcomings are instantly perceived.

    It’s very unstable and cannot touch a wall to save it’s life, because it climbs it, and the landings have a solid chance of killing the pace instantly. While not insanely bad, it isn’t exactly a pleasant car to drive, not even for the challenge, and it does pain me because knowing the effort that goes on designing and making the right parameters, adjusting every bit possible and refining the overall end product is a lot of effort put on, the challenge the car brings is not worth the effort of picking it and racing it.

    At most I’d suggest re-checking the car but that’s most of what I can give as a racer. Still a looker, regardless of all the mechanical problems.

  2. Just like the other comments, when comes to cars, a combo twofer deal from TTDriver and Burner are usually a homerun hit, and this one is just…molto bene. Visconti R hits all buttons perfectly with flying colors. Starting with the color palette, and the model, it’s a very good looking stock-like take on the 155, very well done, in every aspect of it!

    As for the handling/parameters, it’s not what I expected, it is stable but it is a twtchy McGee if you abuse/misuse it, which makes this car one of the more fun and interesting cars to use in the Pro class, that has most creations in.

    Seriously, what a class act from the both of you to provide another amazing car. Full score.

  3. Has to be one of my favorite custom cars the parameters are fine the 3d model looks impressive i bet you took alot of time making this

  4. Very impressive, usually when people try to make a “lore-friendly” 155 they just end up with something extremely bland, good job on making something original looking. Also love the double serpent livery.

  5. 3D model is as clean as it can be, env flows prefectly and the texure compliments it all very well with just the right amount of details, decals and lighting (Also comes with a very simple to use paintkit).
    Performance wise it comes with no crazy bonuses or losses. Handling wise it is very capable and usable, but still requires some attention to avoid snapping out of line. It is overall a no-bullshit but still challenging car.
    Very nice stuff <3


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