Spooktober 2022 – Announcement

September 19th, 2022

Days are getting shorter, leaves begin to turn yellow, pumpkins are soon ready to make lanterns (or soup) out of them. Isn’t this is the perfect season to work on some Re-Volt creations in the cold and dark evenings? YES IT IS! Therefor we want to invite all Re-Volt/RVGL content creators to join the Re-Volt World Spooktober 2022!

What is this?

The Re-Volt World Spooktober 2022 is a custom creation contest.
Content creators can attend the contest by submitting a creation until October 28th, 2022.

After the deadline, there will be a public voting to determine the winners.

In addition, you can gain Kudos by attending the contest:

  • Attending: You get 25 for attending, by submitting an entry.
  • Podium: Getting on a voting-categories podium will give you 50 .
  • Winning: Winning a voting-category is worth 100 !
Theme and Categories

This time there are again three different categories for the contest to join. All themes are related to the Autumn/Halloween season:

  • Category “Track”: Create a track with an autumn and/or spooky theme by using Keyran’s Rally PRM Set.
  • Category “Car”: Create a “Frankenstein-car”. A car which is a hybrid between two (already existing) Re-Volt cars.
  • Category “Skin”: Create a skin which only use the colours black and white (and/or every possible shade of gray).

General rules:

  • Deadline for submission is October 28th 2022, 20:00 UTC.
  • Every creator can submit a maximum of ONE track, ONE car, and ONE skin as a main author. You don’t have to attend all three categories, but you can if you like.
  • Collaborations are allowed. Every collab must have a main-author and a list of secondary-authors.
  • Used resources (if any) must be stated in an attached readme.
  • The creation must be unreleased. Please don’t upload your entries to Re-Volt World or any other websites before the voting is over.
  • You must not keep your entry secret till the deadline. But you can, if you wish.

Category “Track”:

  • The track must have an autumn or spooky theme.
  • The track must be based on the tiles included in Keyran’s Rally PRM Set.
  • It’s not allowed to adjust the 3d-model of the tiles. But you can remap them, use different textures, make new vertex shading, or even adjust the corresponding NCP files.
  • You can add any decoration you like, make surrounding landscape, add ramps, platforms, …
  • Role of thumb: The tiles which will be the raceline must use tiles from the PRM set.
  • The range of what is allowed is very wide. Be creative!
  • You can either use the Make-It-Good editor and place the tiles with the instance editor, or use Blender to connect the tiles.
  • The track can either be a Standard Track, Sprint Track, Battle Tag Arena or Stunt Arena.

Category “Car”:

  • The car has to be a fusion between at least 2 already existing and released cars. Good examples are cars like Phateca, RC Weasel or Identity Crisis.
  • You can do fusions in all possible combinations. Here are some examples: 1) Combine the model and textures of 2 existing cars; 2) Use the model of an existing car, and paint it with the texture of another existing car; 3) Combine 3 existing cars and make your own paintjob, not related to an existing car; …).
  • The base cars can either be stock or custom cars.
  • The parameters of the car can be original, but also can be based on an already existing car.
  • Please state on which cars your creation is based on.

Category “Skin”:

  • The skins main colours has to be black and/or white, and everything in between (all possible shades of gray).
  • The only parts where colours are allowed are lights (for example red for the back lights), the number plate (for example yellow), and the window tint (for example dark blue).
  • The texture can be an original, but can also be based on already existing paint jobs.
Submit your entry

Submit your entry by contacting Kiwi in Discord (Kiw Y’Gvalcha#3482) or write an E-Mail to webmaster@revoltworld.net.

Discussion channel

In our Discord server you can use the #creations channel to discuss anything related to the RVW Spooktober 2022. Show progress of your works, ask technical questions, ask questions about the contest itself, and so on.

Join our Discord server: