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    This PRM set is made to build kit tracks in a rally environment. It has 3 types of surfaces: road, dirt, and grass (there is more detailed information about surfaces in the readme). Most of the instances have been made from scratch, some of them reuse instances from Cathedral Garden.

    I have made this resource as beginner friendly as I could, but some of the blocks are a bit hard to use. A guide is provided to help you with this resource, but it's not a complete tutorial to make tracks. If you have never made a track before, you will need to learn how to use MAKEITGOOD to make it playable.

    It should be technically possible to make tracks that works without RVGL, if you limit yourself to 128 instances. I haven't tried this yet.

    Some bonus content is provided. A custom ABCblock that fits this environment (a branch) and an animated windmill are provided. The sound used for the branch is the sound of the thumbleweeds in the Ghost Town tracks.

    Before using this resource, I would recommend to give a try at the example track I have made, Windmills Hills 1. It has almost all the instances I have created for this PRM set.


    Version 1.1:

    + Added 47 new instances.

    + Fixed 3 instances (bench, road5 and road7).

    + Updated the blend file (some prms that are bigger versions of other ones are not included).

    + Updated the main preview image.

5 comments on “Keyran’s Rally PRM Set

  1. @Ced! I’m not currently active on this PRM kit, but whenever I resume it I’ll take this into consideration. I also would like to add animated rivers, waterfalls and a source of water.
    If you want elevation changes with the current version, you can use the hills. Large hills are harder to use than small hills (they need more space), but they are better when they are part of the raceline.

  2. I’ve started working with this set a bit and I see only one flaw: there is no ramp )-;
    Maybe a next addition?

    Many thanks for this kit, Keyran!

  3. Finally another prm kit! :D I hope it will get at least a fraction of the use that the warehouse kit and especially the off-road kit got. ;)

  4. I haven’t seen PRM sets for a long time. This one is made very well. There are a lot of possible details here. Just like Kiwi, I wanted to try to make something. In general, it’s a great idea to make a PRM kit for beginners at this time.

    It can be seen how you tried to come up with and make as much as possible every PRM piece. I really liked it.

    I’ve been waiting for this since the moment I saw your screenshots and videos in discord. I say again that this is a great job. Keep it up !

  5. This is an awesome PRM set. The amount and diversity of included parts is insane. Also the included guide is very well done. I just can encourage every beginner to have a look at this set, if you want to make some first steps in Re-Volt track making! But I am pretty sure that this can also be a very useful set for more experienced track makers. …I already have some appetite to try out to make a small test track using this kit. :)

    Thank you Keyran for your work and time, making this!


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