Household Frontend

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  • Release date 2023-09-10
  • Version from 2023-09-02
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    Green J here again, this time with a frontend. Yes, a fully-functional frontend! And my first one, too.

    This is the Household Frontend. It takes place inside a neighborhood house, and it works well with:

    • The car and skin selection screens
    • Custom cup support
    • The podium sequence

    All you have to do is copy the files to the RVGL directory and change the frontend in the Settings screen.

    You need RVGL 20.1230a or later for the frontend to work properly.

    Feel free to comment here if you have any ideas on how to enhance the frontend.

1 comment on “Household Frontend

  1. As always, I love more frontends being available. This one is quite good as well. Although I do find the unstaggered stack of car boxes a bit cursed and the transition for the progress table from the main menu feels a bit too close into the corner of the wall. Overall it is a great addition to my frontend collection!


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