Jailhouse Rock: Reversed

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  • Version 1.2b
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    In June 2019 I made a Reverse Version for Human’s Jailhouse Rock. The upgrade does not touch any files from the track’s normal version, so it’s 100% Online multiplayer compatible with the I/O-Pack version from Jailhouse Rock.

    The Reverse Version follows exactly the same path as the normal version. I only had to add a ramp where the jump to the sewer tunnel area is in the normal version. I adjusted the Track Zones, Pos-Nodes, AI-Nodes, Repo-Triggers, Direction-Triggers, Star Position, Pickup Positions, and some of the VisiBoxes. I also added some lights in the tunnel to guide the player to the new ramp. The W and NCP files are only adjusted slightly: I added the ramp, removed the shortcut over the lamp, and rotated one barrel at the basketball area.

    If you find any issues, please post them either here as a comment, or in the orignal TRH thread, so I can correct them.


    This download is "unofficial", and not related to the original creator - Human - in any way. As Human is not around anymore, I didn't had the possibility to ask him for permission to release this. If you are Human and you want this download to be removed, please contact the RVW team. :)


    Version 1.2b Changes

    Added README (Permissions/Copyright)

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