Nahesa (FZG Paintworks)

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    Nahesa got some love too right? Authors told me it's a rushed car, hence the messy mapping, i said okay let's see what i can come up with. 4 liveries so far, just gotta present y'all some of my easy classics, 2 race themed and 2 tuner/casual street car look.

    Gave it some new set of details like side bumper vents, middle vent that goes through front bumper to hood for maximum downforce, added roof scoop and gave rear windshield some vent holes to cool the gas engine on the back (wow this adds so much lore to Nahesa, oh baby!), WINDSHIELD TINTS WOOP WOOP, rotated the rear tail lights plate and added exhaust pipes textures. Oh yeah i mirrored all the shading, lighting, and texture layers teehee :D (Major point lol)

    >Jaguarmaester #10 (Previously from my Phantera)
    >Cherry Blossom (Previously from ZS-9 livery contest, this uses Norfair's 5 spoke rims)
    >"ProtrekRC Team" #9 (Cougar inspired)
    >Y2K tuner look with carbon parts and bright color mix

    Sadly, only 4 i got to offer, i know i can't please everyone but any critic will be welcomed. PSD can be found in paintkit folder, feeling generous.

    Hopefully y'all like these ones!

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