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    Faster faster, I'm the master, make your soul on fire!
    (Never gonna stop my waaaaaaay)
    No place to fun don't keep you run, so you call me spitfire!
    Over my lover and deep inside you!

    Hey don't you know my name? (Spitfire!)
    Hot in flames inside and over.
    I smell the flesh of game. (Spitfire!)
    Over my lover and deep inside you!

    Hey don't you know my name? (Spitfire!)
    Burning shame my pretty lover.
    Passion inside my brain. (Spitfire!)
    Over my lover and deep inside you!


2 comments on “Spitfire

  1. I need to be a lot more careful next time I make a skin.

    I could’t really think of a better way of recoloring it and yes, that is what caused the aliasing.

    And theres a few things I wanted to edit but couldnt because I accidentally closed gimp and didn’t save it as a .psd or .xcf. I’ll make sure to save that next time.

    But I’ve never really made a Re-Volt skin before this one so… I guess it isn’t too bad haha.

    (Also I don’t know how to remove those Mac files, they weren’t there for me when i created the .zip)

  2. I’m very glad you decided to skin our car! This is a very solid skin, goes along well with the theme and general “boldness” of the vehicle. The lighting really pops on its desaturated greys and greens… (I thought of giving it an American flavoured one at some point myself, so yeah…)

    The only tiny nitpick I can point out is that there’s some aliasing on the sunstrip, maybe it happened while recolouring it?

    OT: I cleaned up the MacOS specific dummy data inside the archive, remember about those for your next upload ;)

    Keep it up!


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