Too Many Rounds

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  • Release date 2017-07-30
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  • Construction Track Editor (Lego)
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  • Track length 839 m
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    This is my first uploaded track, so have that in mind when giving me grades/comments. I have not finished the track yet, i will update it soon so i can add other stuff. Please note i'm brazilian so i can't write properly in english.

    Notes about track:
    - The track has only a few pickups, so that players will have to use ability to win.
    - When racing, you can jump above track borders and use ramps, which give you advantage.

    Suggestions for using the track:
    - Try using regular cars like Evil Weasel or Panga TC, as fast cars can miss ramps and slow ones won't use it.
    - Althougt normally cars slow down in curves, this track is made almost entirely with curve tiles and all AI cars will try to reach top speed.

    Tenham em mente que essa ̃� a primeira pista que eu estou upando quando for dar notas e comentar. Eu ainda ñ�o completei a pista, mas ainda vou atualizar pra adicionar mais coisas.

    Fatos sobre a pista:
    - A pista ñ�o tem muitos pickups, ent̃�o jogadores ter̃�o que usar habilidade pra ganhar.
    - Quando estiver correndo, pode saltar sobre as bordas da pista e pular em rampas porque elas simplesmente ṽ�o te dar vantagens.

    Sugest̃�es pra usar a pista:
    - D̃� prefer̃�ncias a carros como Evil Weasel ou Panga TC, j̃�� que os carros mais r̃��pidos ṽ�o errar rampas e os mais lerdos ñ�o ṽ�o conseguir us̃��-las.
    - Mesmo que normalmente os carros desacelerem nas curvas, essa pista ̃� feita quase s̃�_ de curvas e os carros da IA ṽ�o tentar atingir velocidade m̃��xima.

    My own grades to the track:

    OVERALL: 3/5
    GRAPHICS: 3/5
    CHALLENGE: 3/5

    by StoneBridge (me)

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