Worms Armageddon SFX

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  • Release date 2022-01-20
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  • Version 1.001 & 2.0
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    Exaggerated, comically acclaimed explosions and other assortments of sounds from the popular Worms series coming right to your door (in reality, your computer)!

    The Worms series has always struck something in me, whether it was the crude depiction of tactical warfare or the comical sounds the game came packed with. Due to that I decided to give in and make some sound replacements for Re-Volt just to make myself a tad happier, then it occurred to me:
    "Should I really share this? It's a joke after all."

    Then I gave in (due to certain someone having fun with it) and decided to upload it here.

    Have fun and enjoy it! Specially if you're into this kind of humour.
    Preview image is supposed to look amateurish.

    Worms Series & Worms Armageddon © Team 17
    (Backup for the files replaced included.)

    UPDATE V2 (05/04/2022):

    • Now includes menu sounds!
    • Version 1 & Version 2 come in separate files.
    • Fixed file names, twice.

3 comments on “Worms Armageddon SFX

  1. UPDATE V2 (05/04/2022)

    Added menu sounds (recommendation courtesy of Tubers), made versions 1 & 2 separate files (for people who don’t want menu sounds) and fixed file names to not be a mouthful… twice.

    Backup files still included in both versions for people who do not use the RVGL Launcher and its commodities for any reasons given.

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  2. I like this! To improve this, you can do menu sounds as well. for this to work you can just lower the pitch by 0.5. If you want to that is.

    I’m keeping this! Also this works when you put it in packs folder in wav without needing to back up the original destination.

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