Track of the year 2021 Results

January 1st, 2022 – posted by kiwi

The voting for the Track of the Year 2021 is over. More than 40 individual Re-Volters attended the voting. Thanks to everyone of you! The tracks of the year 2021 are the Home tracks by G_J and I_Spy. Congratulations G_J and I_Spy, and thank you for producing awesome tracks like this. People like you are the reason, why Re-Volt is still alive, 22 years after it’s initial release. Also congratulations to Javildesign and Xarc, for getting on the podium with your tracks. The same goes to all the other track makers. As you can see in the table below, everyone of you got a lot of points, so keep creating awesome stuff.

Here are the complete results:

 1. Home 1 and Home 2 by G_J and I Spy       98 Points
 2. Game Room 1 and Game Room 2 by Xarc      77 Points
 3. Toy World 3 by Javildesign               76 Points (More Stars than place 4)
 4. Castle 1 and Castle 2 by Xarc            76 Points
 5. The Great Silence by Kiwi                68 Points
 6. Airport 1 and Airport 2 by Xarc          67 Points
 7. Subway by CapitaineSZM                   58 Points
 8. Junkyard 1 and Junkyard 2 by Xarc        47 Points
 9. Paper Town 1 by CapitaineSZM             44 Points
10. SBX Alpine by Alexander                  43 Points
11. Market Mayhem by BloodBTF                40 Points
12. Wormhole by SpaceDog                     32 Points
13. Tingin Inc. GP by Zeino                  25 Points
14. Dark Vale Forest by Saffron              21 Points
15. POD: ZED by Mr. Roblinx                  20 Points

Didn’t got enough nominations (below 3) by the Re-Volt World Team, to be included in the final voting: Two neighborhoods; Miami Manic; Sotc: Leo’s Cave; Museum Unleashed; Déréalisation; Lava Rock; Hyperborean Harmony; Wildwood Grove; The Great Giana Sisters Updated; SWR: Abyss; Jimsonweeds Raceway; Forest Mansion 1/2; Isivolt 1; Wasteland; Motor Sports Land

Click here to see all the tracks included in the final voting.