Track of the year 2021

December 27th, 2021 – posted by kiwi

All Re-Volters are welcome to join the voting for the Track of the Year 2021. This year, more than 60 (!) tracks were released. We got great originals, well done conversions, crazy and unique ideas, a few circuit racing tracks, and a lot more. The Re-Volt World team (Burner, Gotolei, Kiwi, Norfair, Skarma, Trixed, Vaid, Vas0sky) narrowed down this huge amount of tracks, by nominating 15 tracks for the final public voting. You can see the nominated tracks down below.

Be sure to join our Discord server, so you are able to attend the voting.

Let’s hope for an awesome track year 2022!

Nominated No. 1

The Great Silence by Kiwi

Nominated No. 2

SBX Alpine by Alexander

Nominated No. 3

Market Mayhem by BloodBTF

Nominated No. 4

POD: ZED by Mr. Roblinx

Nominated No. 5

Airport 1 and Airport 2 by Xarc

Nominated No. 6

Home 1 and Home 2 by G_J and I Spy

Nominated No. 7

Junkyard 1 and Junkyard 2 by Xarc

Nominated No. 8

Castle 1 and Castle 2 by Xarc

Nominated No. 9

Subway by CapitaineSZM

Nominated No. 10

Wormhole by SpaceDog

Nominated No. 11

Toy World 3 by Javildesign

Nominated No. 12

Dark Vale Forest by Saffron

Nominated No. 13

Paper Town 1 by CapitaineSZM

Nominated No. 14

Tingin Inc. GP by Zeino

Nominated No. 15

Game Room 1 and Game Room 2 by Xarc