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Hello, I‘m Kiwi. Most Re-Volters should know me, but for the ones who does not, I want to introduce myself: I‘m 38 years old and I live in Austria. I play Re-Volt since the summer of 1999, when I found the demo version in a german PC gaming magazine. After a decade where my priorities were job and family related, I rejoined the community in 2017. Since this, Re-Volt got one of my biggest hobbies. I create custom cars, tracks and frontends. Also i‘m part of the Re-Volt World administration team. If you want to contact me, look at the possibilities listed down below. Have fun browsing through my creations!

Singleplayer, Car Creator, Track Creator, Developer
Harvester, BigVolt, R6 Turbo, Pest Control, Adeon, Humma, Koin Karp, Road Rage, Hydrox, Pemto, Shinobi
PetroVolt, Quake!, Home 1 + 2, Hospital 1 + 2, Fairground 1 + 2, Skating Toys, Ranch, Grisville, Jailhouse Rock, Cake, The Bunker, Kadish Sprint
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