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Re-Volter from Austria. First contact with Re-Volt in Summer 1999 by playing the demo version bundled with a german PC gaming magazine. Buyed the boxed version of Re-Volt in autumn 1999. Still own the box. Fell in love with PetroVolt in the early 2000's and had from this time on the dream to build a similar track one day.

Joined online races in the infamous Microsoft Gaming Zone and later in GameSpy Arcade sometimes. Attended and won an Austrian Re-Volt Tournament in 2003 by using Dr. Grudge. Continued playing the game till 2003/2004. Stopped playing PC games in general for over a decade.

Discovered the existence of RVGL and rejoined the community in 2017 after his kids found the iOS version of Re-Volt in the AppStore. Started creating custom cars end of 2017 and began working on his first custom track in spring 2018.

Member of the Re-Volt World team. Still joining online races sometimes, or working on a carskin, car or even a track from time to time.

Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Car Creator, Track Creator, Developer
Harvester, BigVolt, R6 Turbo, Pest Control, Adeon, Humma, Koin Karp, Road Rage, Hydrox, Pemto, Shinobi
PetroVolt, Quake!, Home 1 + 2, Fairground 1 + 2, Skating Toys, Ranch, Grisville, Jailhouse Rock, Cake, The Bunker, Kadish Sprint
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