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Member since: March 3rd, 2021
Last seen: June 2nd, 2023

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    Hi! I am a car and carskin creator! You may not find me always active, but if you want to send me a message I'll make sure to reply when I can! I hope you enjoy my creations and have fun with it!

    For anyone who has downloaded my creations before I updated them, make sure to delete the old folder names, because I changed them by putting "ion_" in front! Delete these folders if you have them: carrisi, tc11e, tc11monster, tc11buggy, tc11rally, tc11gte, turboswing, tf2ambulance, tf2truck, pandino, panghino, ft91 and rvlove.

    Singleplayer, Car Creator
    Splat, Groovster, Shocker
    Ghost Town 1 S, Rooftops 1
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