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    I have been around the RV community since late 2002, racing online since the days of MSN Gaming Zone and Gamespy. Took a long break some time after, returning in late 2010. Started doing the shitty conversions I've been known for shortly afterward, originally releasing my first one in May 2011.

    From 2022 onwards, I am adding a slightly different stipulation & permissions to all of my creations, old and new, stocklike or not.

    You may still do as you want with my creations as long as it isn't some five minute shit hackjob. However, I now reserve the right to either deny or disallow any modifications to my creations, have them added to any packs, etc, at any time and for any reason that I see fit. This applies retroactively to all of my cars, from the very oldest right up to the very newest, regardless of what previous readmes state.

    I would follow in the footsteps of others and update said readmes to reflect this, but if you think I'm about to edit readmes for the amount of cars I've done... Yeah, no. You'll just have to take my word for it.

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