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    i am a 14 year old mobile player thats makes skins, edits and etc…

    Originally started playing Re-Volt in late 2013/Re-Volt 2 i had most of the cars in the game, However i stopped playing in 2014 due to me raging and breaking my tablet. i was 6 when this incident happened

    2016 i began to play Re-Volt Classic 3D racing since i didnt knew about RVGL or Re-Volt Live at the time before i left and partially forgetting about Re-Volt in 2019.

    I later returned in december 2021 and joined the Re-Volt discord server around that same month and my first online race on the 15th of February, then i took a 4 month break and offically returned in june of 2022 but the process slowed down in august due to school starting.

    For now on ill try to make skins of Re-Volt (mapping), and learn how to use blender ^^.

    United States
    Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Car Creator
    Hurricane, Muller GT, Marauder, Acclaim GT, Karlington, Chimera TC, Redhead, Tier 15, Camboid R, Prototype FX77, Stinger (usually cars with a wide turning radius)
    Toy World 1/2, Tetris Festival, Port Limano 2, Wonderful Skylands 1
    Re-Volt, CSR Racing 2, Real Racing 3, Forza Horizon 5, Geometry Dash, Roblox (As if it wasnt obvious) etc.
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