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Member since: August 6th, 2022
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    16 Year old mobile player thats makes skins, edits and etc…

    Originally started playing Re-Volt in late 2013/Re-Volt 2 i had most of the cars in the game, However i stopped playing in 2014 due to me raging and breaking my tablet. i was 6 when this incident happened

    2016 i began to play Re-Volt Classic 3D racing since i didnt knew about RVGL or Re-Volt Live at the time before i left and partially forgetting about Re-Volt in 2019.

    Later returned in december 2021 and joined the Re-Volt discord server around that same month and my first online race on the 15th of February, then i took a 4 month break and offically returned in june of 2022 but the process slowed down in august due to school starting.

    Later took a break around May 2023 and now im back…

    United States
    Singleplayer, Multiplayer
    Hurricane, Muller GT, Marauder, Pegmound, Acclaim GT, Karlington, Chimera TC, Redhead, Tier 15, Camboid R, Prototype FX77, Stinger (usually cars with a wide turning radius)
    Toy World 1/2, Tetris Festival, Port Limano 2, Wonderful Skylands 1
    Re-Volt, CSR Racing 2, Real Racing 3, Forza Horizon 5, Geometry Dash, Roblox (As if it wasnt obvious) etc.
    Music (mostly remixes or anything re-volt related) make skins once in awhile
    Links & Contact