BAR 8-BALL Beetle

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  • Unique foldername 8-BALL
  • Skin for
  • Track Mod for
  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2015-02-01
  • Version from 2016-01-15
  • Version
  • RVW-ID 19369
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    86/100 (2 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Conversion
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction
  • Track difficulty
  • Track length m
  • Reverse version available?
  • Time trial times available?
  • Practice mode star available?
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    The car was taken from Beetle Adventure Racing to Re-Volt by me with the help of the community and some tutorials.

    While downloading have a look at some gameplay footage:


    This is the newest version!

    Some details of the texture, the shading of wheels and body aswell as the handling has been edited. In case you just replaced the old files with these, YOU CAN DELETE the 'CARS.BMQ' that was created with the older version. This step is the easiest way to prevent the rims from looking like they were bouncing up and down.

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