Big Beowulf

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    "Everything I say is a catchphrase!"

    This is the first skin I made from UV only, had no paintbase at all. Really happy how this turned out!

    This skin is directly inspired by Beowulf, and the whole Skullgirls game's menu color palette. The main sticker and the battery are play words. The petrovolt sticker is a ref to the RV track of the same name.

    I really love playing with L4 Turbo, I hope this makes you want to try it out aswell!

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1 thought on “Big Beowulf

  1. Thanks for creating this skin! Without it I would not have been able to cobble together the R6 turbo-inspired skin! The paintjob you did on the battery is a thing of beauty (love the phony brand name DuraSkull) and the hidden disclaimer text is a nice easter egg as well. I am so glad you enioy racing with L4 and am looking forward to many more creations in the future!

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