Feelgood & Citypop

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  • Skin for Vixen
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  • Release date 2022-06-20
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  • RVW-ID 33443
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    93/100 (6 votes)
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    Two more skins for Vixen!

    Decals were inspired by the animator 람다람 RAMDARAM

    I made the dark blue skin (city pop) more ''serious'' to contrast with the bright pink and blue one. I packed them together than uploading two different skins due to how close they are.

    Have fun!

2 comments on “Feelgood & Citypop

  1. Thanks for the feedback Kiwi! I definitely think that lots of my ”first” skins would gladly benefit some polishing and a 2.0 version. Unfortunately I don’t have the motivation to create or update skins at the moment, so I stick at uploading them to RVW for now. :)

  2. The colours of these skins are very nice and the design is good. But both paintjobs sadly lack really a lot in polish. The gradient wasn’t adjusted to work with the mapping, and the results are a lot of issues at the seams. Also nearly every line on the car is distorted – again mainly caused by the mapping. A possible solution would have been to remove the lines completely or make them less prominent. But in the current state the car looks incredible wobbly.


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