GT84 Rally

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    This is a skin for Flo's new (and awesome) Toro GT84. The paintjob is based on a BBurago model I own since the early 1990's. The sad story is, that I removed the stickers someday, so I ended in having a blank 288 GTO with golden rims. So at least I have this car back now, by using this skin. :-P

    You can see some pics of the original BBurago model here.

    I made the skin without using the paintkit by the way, cause I wasn't able to open the file format. I guess it's for Paint.NET, which I don't own. However, it was not that big issue, cause most of the time I work without paintkits anyway.

    Picture taken on Toys in the Hood 1.

1 comment on “GT84 Rally

  1. This skin is awesome, great job Kiwi. The colors and design give this car an even more stock like appearance. One thing I don’t like about the skin however is the rims. In my opinion the R6 5 spoke rims don’t look very good on this car. I think the 5 spoke rims from the default red skin this car came with would have been a better choice, or even cougar’s rims. Either way, amazing work on this livery. 4.5/5


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