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    This is MDJ-300.

    Class: Semi-Pro
    Based on japanese car culture icons from the 80's, especially the Nissan Fairlady Z/ 300ZX Z31, this rc car comes stanced, and with lowered suspension. Perfect for having some drift action if you want. Still relevant when trying to race normally, having the option to drift on corners or not, depending on how you handle the car. All of this thanks to the double steering system and it's 4WD drive.

    Comes with 10 liveries!
    -car, car1, car6 by Trixed.
    -car2, car4 and car5 by Norfair.
    -car3, car7, car8, car9 by Fr13ndz0n3dguy.

    Here's an assorted preview of all the liveries, not in any specific order.

    Model, mapping and hull by me.
    Parameters by burner94 + fr13ndz0n3dguy various fixes.
    Texture details by me.
    Liveries by TrixedXD, Fr13ndz0n3dguy and me.

    Special thanks to my boys for helping me make this car both look and drive awesome.


    UPDATE1: Fixed parameters, carbox, shadow, main skin.
    UPDATE2: Front fenders: Their back side has a minor change, livery friendly vertex change. Thanks fr13ndz0n3dguy for the fix!
    UPDATE3: Changed the main skin, carbox and fixed a flaw with the paintkit!

    Skins for MDJ-300

    Nasu Racer, by LivingWithGames

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  1. Updated additional preview image with the imglink in the description!

    New car “MDX” non-stanced variant coming soon.


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