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  • Release date 2005-08-02
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    90/100 (32 votes)
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  • Track length 649 m
  • Reverse version available? No
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  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    Hi Re-Volt fan,

    This is my 6th own track, thx for downloading and trying it!

    I dedicate this track to Gabor Varga whom I regard as my teacher, although I dont know him personally, but his informative and encouraging e-mails helped me to keep up in the work. Thanks to the Acclaim-Team for the game and for the fine working ASE-Tools converter util to its creators (to Gabor among them). Thanks for tolerance to my wife and for ideas to my children. Thanks for the encouragement and for the tips and instructions to all the online players and track creators. Thx for the „city by night” texture to hilaire9 (colour-modification by me). Thx to sjampo for testing the track.

    The Story

    Tonight, like usually all the underground stations in New Volt City are closed. But they are not empty! The so called rc-car-hooligans appeared on two central stations. Nobody knows from where they used to come out and no one can find the trace of them. The only material proof against them is an empty bottle of paint spray found by an officer on the Harvester Park station in January of 1998. Seldom they appeare in the daytime, the city police has two video records made by tourists. One of the records shows two rc-cars flashing between the legs of passengers with blue electric light on them. The police has no technology to catch the trouble-makers at the moment.


    The sceen is our favorite subway station in New Volt City at night. The staff has left the station, the security service has been blinded with a fake video, played by a player pluged into a safety camera’s output (like we used to do it J ). In place of lenghty analisation I enclosed a map in the installed level folder which shows you our tonight’s racing line. (its quality isnt too fine, because I didnt want to make a big size readme, you can easily zoom in the map in windows Paint for example, or in picture&fax viewer) There is a train waiting for the early morning clean up, we will pass through one of its carriage. We use the warehouse tonight to get to the Ballistical Institute Station. Watch out on this station, workers was waxing the floor, its a little bit slippery on an area.

2 comments on “Metro-Volt

  1. The hairpin (up the stairs) is quite an exploited piece. Cuts are done in a way that’s not intended I guess. It would be better to force the cars go behind the cardboard boxes. Also, what about making it bi-directional? It would fit better to the rest of the track, where both lanes are possible. Imagine the tactical possibilities that would open up! A planned collision through making the hairpin from other side than the person in front for example.

    Racing here is more of a gamble, having multiple places where cars come from different directions head-on with little chance to evade each other. Not my taste, but it’s adds to the variety to have some predestined chaos track in the online races as well.

  2. This track is characterized by long straights and a couple of twisty and tight sections. The big drop down is definitely a dangerous place for some cars, putting them in a big disadvantage. Unfortunately the turn sections feature some (I think of 3 places) possible cuts, which is not great for overall racing on this track. The train turn is done very well as it allows for 4 different ways to get in and out of the train. Generally this track shines in online races with a lot of pickup chaos. But it’s still a very, very solid track.


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