Supermarket Restocked

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    New products are available at Food Vault!
    This a track mod to refill the shelves of the supermarket stock tracks.

6 comments on “Supermarket Restocked

  1. Something like this is what I have been looking for the entire time I first saw the stock SuperMarket tracks. The stores still do feel as though they were robbed on a large sale or an apocalypse day but at the very least it is not as bad as it was on stock tracks anymore. I also have to say that while I am a fan of new products on shelves, there is one thing I dislike about SuperMarket 2 with this – And that is that even though there are regular products on shelves at the part of the track right after start line, there’s also (presumably) stock carton boxes props which feel quite unnatural being there with regular products, as though a delivery guy just forgot they had more things to unpack on store shelves and left. Other than that, great mod, I really love it, so thanks for making it! 4/5! :3

  2. This mod is compatible with nultiplayer – products appear in an online race if you have this mod
    More than that it doesn’t give you CHT tag


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