Toy World Cup V2

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    This is the new and improved version of the original Toy World Cup I made a couple years ago. I've been meaning to do a sequel for a while but left RVGL for a while so I never got around to it. I got back in it recently and finally decided it was time to get it done. This new version fixes a lot of the problems with the old one and allowed me to apply the things I learned from making that original cup, so it should be a lot more cohesive and make more sense than the last one.

    I have a series on YouTube where I play through the Cup, segmented into episodes. You can find it here:

    The text file should automatically unpack into the RVGL launcher's local folder by clicking and dragging into the launcher under the local tab. Otherwise, extract the cups folder and paste it directly into the local folder under rvmm/packs.

    To run, ensure the Stock and I/O main and bonus track packs are installed or that all of the following tracks are installed:

    Then, start a new championship and navigate to one past the Platinum cup to find the Toy World Cup V2.

    A Pro or Semi-Pro car is recommended for beginners, an Advanced car for more advanced players, or an Amateur or Rookie car for expert players.

    Hope you enjoy!

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