Venice Arcade

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  • Release date 2014-08-12
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  • Track length 616 m
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    This is the version of Venice that has been shipped with the arcade version.
    Files have been fixed by me and ThugsRook.
    This is basically a friendlier version of Venice. I recommend playing it with friends or your family as it's way more fun and forgiving.
    Have fun!
    - Marv

1 comment on “Venice Arcade

  1. This is quite a special version of Gabor’s classic Venice track, released in June 2002. It was included in the arcade version of Re-Volt that was released in September 2004. This game includes several tracks from the original game, some of which made easier, as well as one brand new track, and… a modified version of a custom track. I suppose Gabor must have given permission for use of the track in the game, which is interesting to consider, as the game was released over two years after the release of Venice, which was Gabor’s last of three tracks. It also makes one wonder whether any other custom tracks were considered for inclusion.
    Besides these interesting questions, though, the track is not of much value in my opinion. Venice is a great classic, and this version could be considered to make it more accessible, as argued by Marv, who in 2014 brought the track to PC Re-Volt in collaboration with ThugsRook. However, I think the challenge is a big part of the appeal of Venice. Besides, this version of the track often doesn’t look as good. I particularly dislike the walls in the inside area, they ruin the view there.
    So you had better just play the original! But it is very interesting that this version exists, and I’m glad it is easily available to everyone. I do think it would’ve been good if the archive included a readme.



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