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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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    This car is part of the Abandoned Designs Project.

    On the 09/10/2018, a small group of users decided to set up a dedicated Discord channel to recreate some original designs from the game, using concept sketches, development files, and other original resources as a base.

    As the project slowly grew, more people decided to hop by and lend a hand with their creativity and insights, leading to more than 70 new cars being created!

    The included cars are the product of the hard work, commitment and passion that handful of creators put into this project, culminating on the release of one of the biggest "expansion packs" seen to date.

    You can get the full pack from here:

    Abandoned Designs Project

1 comment on “Zaffer

  1. This is a car from the Abandoned Designs Project, a very interesting collaborative project that got a release in September 2020. For the project, creators looked at the Re-Volt concept art images included in the gallery and created cars based on them. Cars had been created in this way before, but this project was aiming to be very thorough.
    This car was made by Kipy in August 2018. The folder from the Abandoned Designs Project only includes the original readme, and thus the author of the paintjob is not credited. I assume that the third skin is the one made by Kipy, and the other two, which are just colour variants of each other, were made by someone else. I don’t know if anything else was changed between Kipy writing the readme and the project’s release.
    The image that this car was based on can currently be found as gallery\lib11c.bmp. In here you see what looks like a blocky, very large, version of Dust Mite. And that’s pretty much what we have here. I think the parameters of this car are nice: they aren’t too unique, but they fit the car and they aren’t overpowered. Actually, the car feels a bit like a juiced up Dust Mite to me, which makes sense. I do think that the car is really too big. Admittedly, it is very large on the concept art picture, so I guess it makes sense that it was made too big here. I think it takes away from the car, though. The concept art picture contains no texturing hints, so the person who made the paintjob had to make something up themselves. I think the result is really good! Kipy’s paintjob looks quite cheap, to be honest, but the main skin looks very nice and stock-like. The model is cool, but it suffers from the same problem as Dust Mite does to a worse degree: it really doesn’t look very good from the back, and that’s the perspective that you’ll have most of the time, especially when racing the car yourself.
    This car is not available as a stand-alone download. If it was, I’m not sure if I would recommend it. However, this video serves as an introduction to the Abandoned Designs Project. You might want to check it out, and perhaps install it! It will expand your car library with a lot of stock-like cars. Be warned though, it really does contain a lot of cars! Personally, I haven’t gone for it yet, but I might do so later.



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