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    This is a simple 512x512 Zipper paintkit based on Kiwi's "Snake" Zipper skins.

    Since there is no proper Zipper paintkit, I have decided to make one. I took Kiwi's skin as the base because of how clean it is, then I deleted the background colour and worked from that. I added some of my own layers with things that were missing but also smoothened out the edges around windows and grilles that were jagged after deleting the original background.
    -> Paintkit also features a UV and a layer with some sample decals.
    -> Changing the colour of the base is as simple as changing the hue.
    -> Paintkit comes in .psd and .pdn formats.

    If you have black squares around the wheels after exporting, make sure the square to the right of the wheel texture itself is not changed. Acclaim mapping is so genius that they painted a 10,10,14 circle in the 0,0,0 square to fill the back of the wheel model, so if you increase the brightness the whole square appears ingame.

    Kiwi for his "Snake" skins.

    Have fun and enjoy, hope it is of much help!

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