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    The Pemto Pack Project (PPP) is a package with 99 community made skins for Joe Groombridge's "lost car" Pemto.

    The project started on March 18th 2018, three days after the release of Pemto. All skins use the standard Pemto-mapping and are available in the skin selection screen. The skins works great at competitive or circuit events! :) Have fun with the PPP-pack!

    Project Thread at TRH Forum - Release Thread at TRH Forum

    Thanks to the 45 people, who contributed to this project:

    607, Aleon, Alex, Balesz, BMMXIV, Burner94, Cosmin, Dave-o-Rama, Dyspro50, Flyboy, Frizk, FZG, GoAway, Guiga360, Ibitp, IronBob, Izta, Josh Scorpius, KFP, Kipy, Kiwi, Krylan, Mace121, Mona, Nikolai1996arg, Phimeek, Renim, Rho Cassiopeiae, Saffron, Santiiii727, Sebr, Skarma, Stone, Strinabre, Swampert, Thatmotorfreak, Trixed, URV, Vlad, Wichilie, Xarc, Yukes Von Faust, z3r0l33t, Zeino, Zs0l1

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