Arcade Skins Redux

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    This modpack is designed for use with RVGL  20.1230a or newer. Use the RVGL Launcher to install this pack, or create a subfolder for this pack in RVGL's "packs" folder.


    Those who have seen or played the arcade version of Re-Volt (which has been archived at RVIO) remembers that every car in that version of the game came in multiple color variants. However, not every car from base Re-Volt made it into the arcade port, the Dreamcast cars were never even considered, and some cars got higher quality repaints than others.

    During the midst of the global lockdowns a few years ago, I decided to try adjusting and/or remaking some of these skins out of sheer boredom, which quickly evolved into a self-imposed challenge to create a full set of arcade skins for every stock and Dreamcast car in RVGL. I've decided to polish them up and release them publicly in case anyone finds them useful or at least interesting.

    Every skin imported directly from the arcade game has either been cleaned up in some way, or remade from scratch using the original stock skins as a base.

    Bertha Ballistics, Col. Moss, Harvester, Panga, R6 Turbo, Rotor, and the fourteen Dreamcast cars had new arcade skins created for them using their stock skins as a base. The arcade skins for Adeon were used as a reference to make sure that these new skins were as close to the original arcade skins as possible in terms of hue, brightness, and saturation.

    I've included a bonus set of skins for MightyCucumber's RC X as an inside joke about how RC X was based off of an unused car logo buried inside the arcade version's files.

    Please let me know if there are any pureblack holes that need fixing or other inconsistencies that require addressing. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. :^)

    Special thanks to Burner94 for giving me an incredible amount of extremely valuable feedback and otherwise taking the time and effort to help this modpack be the best that it can.

    Check  the  included  Readme  for  the  full  list  of  changes.

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  1. Just pushed update 1.2, featuring aliasing fixes, oversight corrections, and general polish for eleven cars. I’ve included a changelog.txt in the download for those curious about the specifics. RC Bandit in particular got a big overhaul! The preview screenshots will be updated to reflect these changes within 12 hours of this comment being posted.


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