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  • Release date 2021-02-05
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  • Construction Remodel
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    original car is BurnRubr's BR-1

    Model&texture: me, fr13ndz0n3dguy, Trixed
    Param: Trixed

    Meet BR-1, another classic that returns. In the same principle as RV-Jetcar, BR-1 is a refresh of the car with the same name by the same author, BurnRubr, released back in the 2005. The idea was to enhance the visuals, which back then they were lacking, and improve it's overall performance.
    To begin with, the car was first picked to the rework station by TrixedXD, with the hand of fr13ndz0n3dguy on the mesh. He did an texture attempt and because in that time his skills were lacking he dropped the project. Since then it was shelved into a pile of dust, but only until now. Now with enhanced visuals, by me, and params by TrixedXD, this car is ready to roll again into the streets of the Hood. It's easy to handle, tap to steer and capable opponent. Have fun!

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