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    Basically i talked with FrenchFry on DIscord and he thought it'd be great to have another Bossvolt or BHV in Super Pro, so he suggested some pics for me to model one. With some modifications i made like chop top, side-to-rear long exhaust pipes, and BIG WING FOR BIG RIG, this bad boy speeds up to 46 Mph, which is rather an overkill, wouldn't you say so? Don't worry, this truck drifts and wheelspins, guess it's alright.

    Norfair interested to make the overlays so he replicate one of Mack's old cabover semi truck, which looks rather classic, just like how i aimed it to be. But now, the game has changed, i made 15 liveries for Jack and Norfair made 1 as the default skin/livery. Also thank you Skarma for suggesting Mercedes Tankpool Truck for Jack's last livery that i've made, i love how race-y it looks.

    Me Ziggy, and Norfair really hope all y'all enjoy our second collab on making low poly big rig for super pro.

    *from now on, i only upload my new cars with 1 livery, because it has been bothersome to upload here with all the liveries included, ended up with 'file is not packed correctly'.*

    EDIT Fri, 12-06-2020 :
    here's the UPDATED link for the full zip file :

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