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    Link to the RVGL Launcher Project page

    RVGL Launcher is a cross-platform installer, launcher and package manager for RVGL. It's currently available on Windows and GNU/Linux for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.


    • Install game and content packs and keep them up-to-date.
    • View list of online events and join them directly.
    • Enable or disable content packs on the fly.
    • Add your own content and repositories.

3 comments on “RVGL Launcher

  1. I was sceptical about the Launcher and denied to use it for a long time, but now I don’t want to miss it anymore. I still have a non-Launcher installation for developing tracks, but for my Single- and Multiplayer-Installation I use the Launcher. The biggest advantage is that content from Re-Volt World can be installed with one click. No need to manually extract the downloaded zip files to the right place anymore. This comes super-handy. Uninstalling single creations is also possible with just a few clicks, so it’s really easy to get a clean and tidy installation. Another big advantage is, that RVGL will keep up-to-date automatically. If a new version comes out, the Launcher will ask if you would like to install it. Same for the Re-Volt I/O content packs.

    I just would wish, the UI design will get a little bit more user-friendly one day. A beginner may be a bit confused about the different tabs, and all the available settings. Also the Repository-feature is a bit confusing, and it won’t be described good enough when using the Launcher.

    For “normal” Single- and Multiplayer purposes this is a really awesome tool, and should be common for every RVGL user.
    For content creators it’s still recommended to have a second non-Launcher installation of RVGL.

  2. I already have RVGL though, non-launcher and upon running it, it gives me an option to also have a second version of the game (one without launcher, one with this) but this line it says, pointing to an existing install….is that also recommended or something? I admit at one point being bored and seeing the many tabs – I must say, I am actually impressed. So, know what, rather than waiting for an answer – I’ll give feedback on this while making sure to create a backup plan. If this goes super smoothly on my case, this was get the maximum score – otehrwise, it’ll still get a high rating for the sake of being a drastically important tool :P

    EDIT: I’ll be damned, I am a man of my word. Looks like you cured me of stubborness.


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