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    This is Marv's Add-On for Re-Volt files. It is intended to be used with Blender 2.79b. The Blender 2.8x series is not supported.

    Installation | Full documentation


    Import, Export

    • World (.w)
    • Mesh (.prm)
    • Collision (.ncp)
    • Instances (.fin)
    • Mirror Planes (.rim)
    • Hulls (.hul)
    • Texture Animations (.ta.csv)
    • Car Parameters (parameters.txt; only partial import: body, wheels)
    • Track Zones (.taz)



    • Re-Volt tool panel
      • Bake light to vertex color
      • Simple vertex painting tool
      • Car shadow generator
      • Texture animation helper
      • Convex hull generator

3 comments on “Marv’s Blender Plugin

  1. This Blender Add-on is not for 2.79. The good news 2.9+ version is available in Github unless it is hopefully uploaded here soon with documentation included.

    From my experience of using this though. I really like this add on but sadly using AMD cards, even new ones, the frame rate tanks on that version for no reason and no fix is available for 2.7+. For NVidia cards it isn’t an issue.

    I have never used RV Glue and have glad that I haven’t. From 2019 onwards (unless you count that Catcus from Ranch in 2018 with the help of Marv) making cars is a bit of a doozy but making tracks feels so easier and a much longer process and I enjoyed these experiences making these models.

    Highly recommended!


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