One Two Eight

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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2019-02-19
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    the wings of battery

    One Two Eight is an experimental car based off modern Volkswagen Beetle.
    This car is made with the purpose of using explicitly 128x128 resolution textures, including putting variations of '128' as a value in its parameter file.

    One Two Eight has no handling concept in mind. The handling is an experiment of putting variations of '128' as value in the parameters file.
    This results in a Advanced class performance that has heavy slug-like handling with fast acceleration and moderate top speed. Power delivery is slow and cornering is pretty decent.
    Its combination of slow power delivery and fast acceleration, alongside its moderate top speed makes One Two Eight a worthy contender during chaotic battles.

    The car's performance is further improved by using battery pickup.
    It gains significant performance boost of better grip and handling ability without compromising difficulty, further improving its already worthy performance.
    Usage of battery pickup grows wings of battery to represent its massive ability increase.

    However, the car has a glaring weakness of heavy performance degradation on offroad terrains.
    The car's handling is unaffected, it still drives and corners the same as on hard surfaces with the same difficulty.
    Performance degradation comes in the form of having lower top speed and average speed, being slower by 4 kph than on hard surfaces.
    This performance degradation results in the car's ability being similar to Rookie class on offroad terrains.

    Despite the low resolution visuals, the car has a unique factor of growing wings of battery and electropulse during the usage of those pickups.

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  1. One Two Eight has received a major visual update.
    overall detailing, shading, and texturing is improved,
    making it more similar with my present-time style.

    also added a couple of plain color skins.


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