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    Pod Racer, the real thing. Requires Anakin's reflexes or the (braking) Force.
    NB: You'll need to run the game in -dev mode and press Ctrl+R at the start, to have smooth flight.
    It has the "tap-brakes-to-go, hold-brakes-to-slow" self-propelled engineworks again.

    I also made some intro videos.
    [https://youtu.be/C-v90_-LIw4] This is my actual race, only the loading screen was cut. The pod does max 100 ingame MPH (this is about the right feel for the movie speeds), with auto-throttle. So it's raceable, but only with concentration and much braking.
    The video shows 3 laps with 3 racing cameras. Lap 1: the pod's take-off/landing and its Safety Quick-Release/Quick-Catch cable attachment fields are well visible. Lap 2: a close-up view of the engines. Lap 3: this is what racing the pod actually feels like – "Use the Force."
    Also, the same replay using the version with engines also taking off/landing: [https://youtu.be/hX_QOChHUHQ] (I personally like this effect with cam 2 better when racing, even though it's an earlier version and technically simpler.)
    And the same with RL version (somewhat heavier feel): [https://youtu.be/GwB5E4lcb3o] and [https://youtu.be/rzF8CK38QM8]

    Includes a dumbed-down (non-flying) version for the AI (as it can't use the -dev Ctrl+R trick for flying).
    Also, both human and AI versions have pod take-off (PTO) and whole thing take-off (WTO) variants, each as RC for normal tracks and RL for real-life style tracks. See the parameter files in both car folders. Set to RC PTO by default.

    P.S. If anyone wonders - the RC/RL versioning actually makes a lot of sense. Tracks like Wildland, Cliff Mountain, Cliffside Court, Frigid Peaks, Extreme G, Empire Volt City, RC Dream, SS Route Revolt, etc are definitely not RC tracks.

    Credits: 3d model: Anakins Pod Racer by tutan09 https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/anakins-pod-racer-dac6d14dcf914e88af8625b59f4020bc, also the force field and the RL driver are from Citywalker's things.


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