Pumpkin Splice

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  • Release date 2023-11-24
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    After procrastinating making a skin for Road Star for ages, the Autumn Party contest finally gave me motivation to make one.

    This little guy is just my idea of a skin themed lightly around the idea of pumpkin spice, with a battery swapped out with a pumpkin spice latte. It's simple but fun, and I felt that was better than going all-out with a strange gimmick skin.

    Hopefully you guys enjoy this skin as much as I did making it, had a blast finally giving this car some love

    -Phimeek and Xarc for their decals
    -JG for the wheels
    -Trixed for Road Star

2 comments on “Pumpkin Splice

  1. Hey, thanks for the feedback and kind words :)

    The cutoff on the Bold New Flavor text was originally an error, but I actually kept that as an attempted stylistic choice. I thought it might help give it the feeling of something a low-budget toy company had thrown together for the holidays. The spilling cup decal on the roof and the generic lightning bolt on the hood were also part of that design choice. Maybe I should have honed into that theme a bit stronger in retrospect lol. I might revisit this skin in the future and give it some more design touch-ups, as I am quite happy with it but agree that it could be improved on.

  2. Great contest entry and a pleasant surprise from you – you got my vote during the contest :)

    I could suggest doing something to the NEW BOLD FLAVOR text so that it doesn’t get clipped off by the rear fenders, though. It is mostly noticeable on the left side, you can even see it on the carbox style preview. Maybe reduce the spacing between the two lines?

    Little bit of a nitpick but worth mentioning – keep it up!


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