Raven (FZG Paintworks)

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    One month apart from Ridgeback (FZG Paintworks) and i kept my promise.
    I love the car, that's it. Took me a while to be able to make other skins and rush the packaging, but hey i got to make Teen Titans Raven skin tho, LOVE it!

    I made 7 liveries to fill in some color palette, sadly no pink yet, based on:
    >HUM - You'd Prefer An Astronaut (YPAA) album release date
    >2005 Teen Titans original Raven + alleged birthday date
    >1997 Raybrig NSX purple-red
    >Gran Turismo white special, requested by TTdriver i think
    >TAKATA yellow-B/W livery, requested by Norfair
    >1989 Honda NSR250 motorbike red-white special
    >RENOWN Mazda livery

    I packed preview body prm + fix body prm which i probably just modified the front fenders, i forgot so i'll just pack it. New paintkits for each liveries with my custom details are inside, use it wisely. Thank you for checking out my cars & paintworks, i really appreciate it.

    Hope you people like this one, i've been longing to upload this tbh.

    Decals, Wheels, Textures credits:
    Xarc, Paperman, Gotolei, Mightycucumber, Norfair, and somehow i haven't used Phimeeki's thus far

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