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    Hi folks! First time uploader.

    I've made these realistic car sounds with Audacity and wanted to know your thoughts. My hope is that more people are inspired to also make engine sounds to add more audible variety to races.

    It is a different take on the regular engine sound format as it includes the sound of the vehicle continuously accelerating and shifting, even during the peak of the vehicle's top speed.

    {[Step by step guide for sound installation.]}

    1. Place or copy a .wav file in car folder of choice. [.wav is the engine sound]

    2. Open the [parameters.txt] file in the same location of the car folder you put the sound file in with any notepad.

    3. In the [Model file] section in parameters, paste this line: SFXENGINE "cars/carname/sound.wav" (note if SFX ENGINE already exists, just replace it)

    4. Replace carname with the name of the car folder you placed the .wav file.

    5. Replace sound with the name of the engine sound.


    You may place the sound of your choice into any car though be aware as some sounds were tuned on certain vehicles so they might not be quite right on others.

    Hope you like them. :D

    Update 1.2

    Added 3 additional sounds: firebirdgen4/eliseta/skunkintegra


5 comments on “Realistic Car Sounds

  1. A small suggestion if the sound you chose for a particular car sounds a bit slow/fast.

    Try adjusting the speed with an audio editor of choice. What I do on Audacity is make small 10% changes and test it in time attack mode.
    You can even leave the game whilst making changes but make sure to restart the race to reset the sound.

    Also thanks for the positive feedback. I will continue to add things as best I can. Also, don’t be afraid to suggest if anything isn’t quite right.
    ( ⁀̴̬ ⁀)

  2. This is a great idea! I’ll definitely use some of those. Now back to choosing what to use for which car…


  3. Back when I first tested the sounds, and found out about the shifting: I was very amused!
    It’s a very interesting idea, and I love the fact that now it’s available to use :)
    Great work, Baitang. Keep it up :)

  4. It’s a good question.
    As far as I’m aware, this take on engine sounds is perhaps the first. Maybe there’s a good reason it isn’t being explored but I went this route simply to preserve the quality and detail which can be lost going the traditional route which everyone is familiar with.

    I initially made these for myself a while ago and was simply experimenting with Audacity but decided to share them, mainly to motivate others to create and upload some of their own.


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