Realistic R/C car pack

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    Car information
    Car name : Realistic RC pack
    Car Type : Remakes of the original PC cars
    Rating/Class : Car Pack
    Installed folder :
    Description : This pack is how I would imagine all the original PC cars if
    they where actual RC or Remote Control cars. I wanted them to be
    higher detail than the original cars but not so high detail that
    they would cause problems on slower computers. Most of them average
    around 4,000 polies with a 512x512 main mip map. If you have problems
    running the cars on your system try deleting the car.bmn mip maps
    from the folders. The car.bmn mip maps are 2048x2048. If you still
    have trouble you can also try deleting the car.bmo mip maps from
    the folders. The car.bmo mip maps are 1024x1024. After that your
    guess is as good as mine. Also note that if you do not use the RVGL
    launcher this pack will replace all the original PC cars in your
    game. So it is suggested that you back them up if you want to keep
    them. I would also like to suggest removing all the original PC
    cars before installing these. This will keep any old files from
    interfering with the new pack, like the old liveries.

    Author Information
    Author Name : IronBob
    Email Address   :

    Base            : Reworked versions of the original PC cars
    Editor(s) used : Blender (both Jigebren's and Marv's plugins), Milkshape3d
    (for texture map corrections), and Krita

    Additional Credits
    -Thanks to Acclaim Studios for the cars this pack is modeled after
    -Thanks to everyone who still plays and mods this old game, it wouldn't be
    any fun without you
    -Special thanks to mladen007 for donating some of his high definition cars
    to be remodeled into these and his help with the carboxes and advice
    -thanks to Fr13ndz0n3dguy(Ziggy) and Norfair for helping me get started on
    this project along with encouragement to finish it
    -thanks to URV, Burner94, Gotolei, Trixed, RV Pure, Phimeek, Living With Games,
    Gel38, Ghosterino, yun, ttdriver and anyone who gave me advice, opinions or
    comments during the process of making this pack
    -Also thanks to Marklaunchvar for his help with Rotor
    -And thanks to everyone in this community that keeps this old game alive

    Copyright / Permissions
    You can do whatever you want with this pack but please if you post anything
    from this pack include this readme file with your post. Or at the very least
    mention my name as the original author in your own readme file.
    Please Do not redistribute without prior authorization.

6 comments on “Realistic R/C car pack

  1. I did not delete the cars folder. I just renamed it and copied the new cars folder that I decompressed to the game files. I solved the problem. Once again, amazing work.

  2. I am pretty sure the lack of skidmarks comes from the erroneous deletion of cars/misc, because the skidmark texture is in the same sheet as stock car shadows. Maybe you mistakenly deleted that folder while replacing stock cars?

  3. Incredible work you did making this mod a reality. I only see that cars don’t leave tire marks on the surface. I hope you can solve this problem in the future.

  4. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and contribution to Re Volt! I saw on forum that you started this work years and years ago and I was sad because I thought that this pack will never come out, but luckily you continued the work and finished this masterpiece and for that I have the biggest respect for you, sir! This pack is absolutely top notch, I think even the creators of the game would be impressed! Visually the cars are on another level, only bad thing about these cars is that they make the others cars bad and boring. The visuals are stunning, the parameters are spot on and the AI drives the cars perfectly and with combination with the improved AI nodes made by NotDaijoubu’s, it is really a tough challenge to win the cups!
    I hope you will continue your work here because Re Volt needs you! Thank you again and of course, 5/5 stars from me!
    P. S I hope every user that gives below 5 stars for this masterpiece should be banned! :D


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