Stock Tracks Time Trial Starts

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    This is the collection of stock tracks .inf files with edited STARTPOS, STARTPOSREV, STARTROT and STARTROTREV parameters to not lose time by going to your start point in time trial mode after repoing before starting new lap

    With these files you will be placed on the best spot immediately after repo and will be able to start new fast lap attempt right away

    These parameters don't affect .laplocal and the lap itself in any way unless you put yourself into the wall to get speed you can't get in normal conditions (which is easily detactable anyway)

    Aimed at high skill players and WR hunters, but can be useful for anyone who wants to improve on stock tracks

    Preferred way of using - RVGL Launcher with folder named "time_trial_starts_stocks" in the "packs" folder (folder naming and order is important, files should be read by the game last to apply changes)

    Each file contains both default and edited parameters so you can always revert to default settings by commenting (placing ';' symbol in the beginning of a line) lines with edited parameters

    Some files contain two groups of edited parameters, preferred cars are written above each group

    If you believe there is some better spot for start you can always write me

    plz enjoy game

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