Tamashi Cup

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    READ THE DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS. This cup has multiple folders and modifies stock assets; manual download highly recommended.

    This is a unique cup that is much more than just a cup file. Much like the predecessor Sundae Cup Race Series, the Tamashi Cup was developed with the intention of showcasing the potential of CPU opponents.

    This cup is recommended mainly for experienced players; CPU opponents will be driving very fast times (or at least try to). It is recommended to play with arcade collision, pickups on, catchup enabled. It is recommended not to pick up stars because that undermines the difficulty.

    Two cups are included:

    • Normal mode - A 16 car championship across 5 tracks. No qualification, no retries. All your opponents will be driving a Tamashi CR with equal stats. They do have some variations in AI parameters though. Feel free to pick whichever Tamashi CR you like based on name/livery.
    • Hard mode - Also 16 cars across the same 5 tracks. 5th place qualification, 3 retries. 4 of your opponents will be "cheat" cars that are not player obtainable (unless using cheats or in DEV mode). In addition, only podium awards points, 10-4-1. If this is not challenging enough, try playing with Tamashi.



    • Adds 16 playable rookie cars, 4 unplayable amateur cars (for hard mode).
    • All stock/DC rookie and amateur cars are CPU selection disabled so that the mod cars will be selected by the game.
    • Includes all gfx and level files needed for Home 2 and Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 1 for the forward direction only.
    • Includes modified AI nodes for all 5 tracks used in the cup.
    • Features two extreme-difficulty cups, a normal and hard version.
    • Adds a custom load screen image and custom cup model.



    Please understand this pack is not designed to be compatible with anything since it modifies a lot of base-game files for cars (disabled) and tracks (ai nodes). The recommended download method is very similar to Improved AI Nodes; this method prevents accidental file overwriting and ensures easy deactivation/deinstallation. Check the preview images on that page for graphic instructions on creating and activating a custom pack folder.

    1. Make sure your game is up to date (v23.1030a1 at the time of this mod release).

    2. Please download the zip manually. This is All-in-one; no need to download Tamashi CR independently.

    3. Create a custom pack folder under "packs". Name it "tamashicup" or whatever you want. Extract the zip contents to this new pack folder.

    4a. For RVGL Launcher users: open the launcher, go to the "packs" tab up top, create a new preset using the "Original" template. Activate the "tamashicup" pack and disable your local pack for this preset. Failure to do so means this cup's contents can be overwritten by the local pack.

    4b. For standalone game users: go to your packs folder (where you should have the new "tamashicup" folder) and locate "default.txt". Back up the text file. Open up default.txt and overwrite the text with this:


    This will disable the local folder and enable "tamashicup" for your game. Restore the original default.txt to disable the cup and its contents.

    5. Deleting Tamashi Cup is as simple as deleting the "tamashicup" pack folder and restoring the original default.txt if using a standalone installation.



    • Thanks to Xarc for giving me permission to modify and include files for Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 1.
    • Thanks to G_J for giving me permission to modify and include files for Home 2.
    • Thanks to burner94 for giving me permission to use textures from Starfire GT for "Superstar".
    • Thanks to kiwi for the "Diamond Trophy Mod". Used in compliance with bullet 2 and 3 in the README.
    • Thanks to Trixed for the Diamond Trophy mesh.
    • Thanks to yun for extensive testing all throughout the development and planning for this cup.

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