Summer Contest 2021 – Announcement

July 26th, 2021 – Howdy, Re-Volter!

We want to invite all Re-Volt/RVGL content creators to the Re-Volt World Summer Contest 2021.

What is this?

Content creators can attend the contest by submitting a creation according to the contest theme.

After the deadline, there will be a public voting to determine the winners of the 2 categories.

Theme and Categories

The theme for this contest is “Stock modification“. There are 2 categories:

  • Category “Track”: Create a track which is based on one of the stock tracks (including Rooftops from the DC-pack).
  • Category “Car”: Create a car which is based on one of the stock cars (including DC-pack cars).

General rules:

  • Deadline for submission is August 27th 2021, 20:00 UTC.
  • Every creator can submit a maximum of ONE track and ONE car. (You don’t have to do both).
  • Collaborations are allowed.
  • Used resources (if any) must be stated in an attached readme.
  • The creation must be unreleased. Please don’t upload your entries to Re-Volt World before the voting is over.

Category “Track”:

  • The track must be based on one of the stock tracks
  • The range of what is allowed is very wide. Allowed are simple things like adding instances/replacing textures to one of the base tracks, but also more advanced stuff like adding whole new sections to a track. Or just use the stock textures and build a whole new track out of it. Be creative!
  • The track can either be a Standard Track, Sprint Track, Battle Tag Arena, Stunt Arena for Frontend.

Category “Car”:

  • The car must be based on one of the stock cars
  • The entry must be a Rookie, Amateur, Advanced, Semi-Pro, Pro or Super Pro car.
  • The model of the base car CAN be changed.
  • The texture of the base car MUST be changed.
  • The parameters of the base car CAN be changed.
Toys in the Hood 1 (Chaos) use Toys in the Hood 1 as a basis
The Toy World Frontend is based on Toy World 2.
Sasquatch is based on BigVolt.
PetroVolt use textures of the Toys in the Hood tracks.
Sizzler is a remodel of R6 Turbo.
Submit your entry

Submit your entry by contacting Kiwi in Discord (Kiw Y’Gvalcha#3482) or write an E-Mail to

Discussion channel

In our Discord server there is a channel to discuss anything related to the Summer Contest 2021. Show progress of your works, ask technical questions, ask questions about the contest itself, and so on.

Join our Discord server: